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  My classes are digital - My teaching ability is real.

Classes are taught in real time via Zoom.







Slides show work made by online participants.








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Whether you use expensive tools and materials, or the means at hand, delight in the personal satisfaction of making something beautiful and functional from scratch, by hand, and of knowing why and how it works.

the classes are designed to introduce key concepts, suitable tools & equipment, bookbinding terminology, safe workshop practice.

(tools & materials to be sourced by participant)

Online Workshops

Basic introduction to bookbinding through 4 book forms

4 x 90 minute sessions

pamphlet, stab stitch, concertina, single section case binding

What is a book & how do I make one?

the pamphlet book - a simple, easy to achieve, single section binding with a revolutionary history. 

1 x 90 minute session

What is a Single Section Case Binding, and how do I make one?

1 x 90 min session

What is a Case Binding with multiple sections, and how do I make one?

2 x 90 min sessions

What is Japanese stab-stitching

& how do I do it?

Japanese Stab-stitch Quartet  - learn the 4 traditional stitches and how to make paper caps.

2 x 90 min sessions

What is a Concertina Binding & how do I make one?

a popular book form for poets and printmakers

1 x 90 min session


How to make your own decorative papers for book covers.

3 simple, effective techniques

1 x 90 minute session

What is a Journal & how do I make one?

Like a diary, a journal is a great method of personal organization. Perfect for recipes, poems and sketches, 'scraps', etc.

For this journal, you'll learn the 'button-hole' version of the versatile long-stitch.

3 x 90 minute sessions

What is a Medori-style journal & how do I make one?

 This style of journal has removable inserts so you can use it for bullet journaling, sketching, notes, etc. When the inserts are full, you can simply replace them and continue working.

3 x 90 minute sessions

Long Stitch Bindings


One to One tuition £25 per session

groups of up to 6 participants £15 per person per session

groups of 7 - 10 participants £10 per person per session

tools & materials list for each project will be sent with booking confirmation.

please contact me for more details

booking is essential.

To book or find out more, please direct message me using the contact page on my website, or via facebook or instagram


Payments via paypal or direct bank transfer.















and if the world ever opens up again, Workshops at Minerva, Kentish Town

Introduction to Bookbinding - intensive 2 day workshop or 5/6 week programme

day one: pamphlet bindings and Japanese stab-stitch bindings

day two: case bound notebook/sketchbook

Paste Papers, Suminagashi & 3 books- intensive 2 day

day one: making paste papers and suminagashi marbling

day two: binding 3 pamphlet books using your papers from day. 

Pop Up Cards - day workshop

experiment with paper engineering to produce a series of 6 pop-up greetings cards

please contact me for details about one of the following, or to discuss a bespoke workshop. Workshops can be adapted to suit need.


Rebinding a favourite old book

Pop Up Books and Paper Engineering 

Pop Up Cards - day workshop

Making Sketchbooks and Journals

Non-adhesive Bindings

Experimental Printmaking & Binding

Japanese style Stab and Secret Belgian Bindings

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